In this section you can find a detailed list of quality restaurants in the province of Messina, per i turisti che vogliono mangiare le specialità tipiche della provincia. In it there are contacts, the location and even the photos illustrating the interior of the premises. Sometimes restaurants are part of a hotel and the rooms are designed for use by guests, but they are also open to tourists who do not live there.

The Taverns are a public exercise, of Italian origin, is an activity that offers typical local food in a rustic and cozy. Nella seguente sezione si trova un elenco dettagliato delle migliori trattorie della provincia di Messina e al suo interno troviamo i contatti, la localizzazione e delle foto che illustrano l’interno dei locali.

Farms are farms that welcome visitors in housing or open space where you can eat the traditional meal. This section brings together the best farms in the province of Messina and inside we find contacts, the localizzazine and thanks to the photos we can see these rural buildings existing farms.